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Attendance and Participation

California Education Code outlines the ways we are required to account for student attendance and participation in independent study.
Attendance (also known as ADA) is calculated by teachers based on the amount of work a student completes in relation to the amount of work that was assigned for the week. It is marked with the codes  Complete (ISC) or Incomplete (ISN). Students who are not in their class meetings may miss assignments. Any missed assignment (synchronous or asynchronous) will reduce the amount of attendance earned. Students may not turn in work after the due date to improve their attendance after it is recorded, however teachers can allow late work to improve the student’s overall grade and promote ongoing learning. We know it is more difficult to earn attendance since it is based on completed work and not on showing up to class so we do not issue perfect attendance awards.
Independent Study  teachers are also required to track student engagement and participation. This tracking uses the codes Participating (P) and Not Participating (NP). Although this tracking shows up under attendance, it is separate, and is not how attendance is calculated. Showing up to class and participating is an important part of the learning and social-emotional wellness experiences of students participating in independent study. Please ensure that your student is available for all scheduled class sessions.